Sunday, September 7, 2014

Mounting Brackets For The Switch Pods

I made a couple of aluminum shaped "L" brackets to be glassed onto the back of the Switch Pods where it gets eventually glassed into place on the Knight Rider Dash. The shape at first glance might look a little odd but when you see the below set of pictures you might see why I made them this shape. It's not that I NEEDED to make them this shape for any real important reason, it's just me being a little "over complicated" I'm sure, I just felt it fit into the available space better and it gave more of a tab to bolt onto the front part of the dash with. I like putting a bit of intricacy into my work whenever possible it somehow makes me feel like I'm doing a more complete job, lol even a lot of times of things no one is EVER going to see. ;)

Right now the mounting tabs I have made are just Contact Cemented into place, I'll let it set overnight and then I can glass then firmly into place tomorrow sometime. This gets me a step closer to getting my Knight Rider Dash done. Once the Switch Pod Switches arrive from Knight Rider World I should be able to start wiring things up under the dash and then I need to pick up a descent Booster Power Pack. The power pack will be a good investment as I can also use it to charge K.I.T.T.s battery should it ever go dead while out and about somewhere where there is no power available. I can also use it to test out the electronics.

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