Saturday, September 20, 2014

General Update - Getting Close To Having The Dash Wired

It's taken a lot of annoying questions and pestering to finally get what I think is the correct wiring order of the dash electronics. I'm a little surprised that the suppliers of these electronics don't put something a little more inclusive as far as wiring instructions given that I can't possibly be the only one out there attempting a project like this that knows very little about  electronics. It would make the job go a hell of a lot smoother and take less time instead of all the running around in different forums posting question after question trying to get confirmation on if something is correct, if I understand it right... I am trying to learn, and it's by the asking of questions we learn is it not?

Anyways I was to learn that I needed a Step relay for the Power switch among the P.A.N.P. group of push button switches. It then too a very long time (All day) to find a place on-line willing to ship to Canada... that was a joy treat of frustration I'm here to tell you. So I finally get the one recommended to me only to discover it has six terminals verses the one in the diagram that has only four. To make things even more confusing the diagram originally did not have the terminals numbered, I had to pester, and pester until I got that information. So that was part of the problem finally licked as to just what the hell those terminals were on the Step Relay.

Next issue was how does this relay relate to the one I was recommended. So again it was back to the pestering to try and get an answer to that nagging question. I was then told NOT to use terminals 3 and 4 on the Step Relay, which was fine considering my Relay seemed to be missing those screws for some reason, perhaps that very reason? I just don't know.

So now we know what NOT to use on the Relay but still no definitive or certain information on the wiring order to the Relay. We all know these are important things to know because these are very expensive electronics and we don't need to be replacing them due to faulty wiring now do we??

Some more pestering later (all of this pestering takes days btw), I got information that 3 and 4 on that Relay don't do anything, which may explain the missing screws, and that A1 on the Relay is 3 on my schematic, and that 1 and 2 are the switch. I hope to Hades that is correct?

We are getting closer, and closer to where I should be able to fire up the dash electronics for a test.... and I hope NOT the word "Fire Up." I will do a lot more pestering yet before I feel confident enough to hook the dash up to power and give everything a test before fitting the dash into the car.

Another thing that had been bugging me was trying to figure out how people test out their dash electronics out side of their cars once they have put everything together. I was told that something like a Battery Booster Pack like the one I have here is good for testing out the electronics. So I picked up a Motomaster Eliminator Booster pack. My next dilemma albeit a small one was the type of connector the Booster Pack has. All I need is a Positive and a Ground wire to hook ultimately up to the dash electronics. But not being very familiar with those "Cigar" type plugs I was not sure which of the connections points was which. So into Photoshop to do what I'm best at and that's creating graphics to make an illustration of the type of connector to better get my question across. Now my suspicion was that the middle connection point was the (+) Positive because it had the fuse inside of it. The side spring clips had to be the (-) Ground I figured.... But again best to be doubly sure about this stuff.

As it turns out this is the way these plugs are generally configured. I was told that sometimes only one of the side spring clips is actually grounded, wouldn't that just figure?? So I took apart both ends of the plug to have a look. Fortunately both sides of the plug side springs are grounded. No I could I would imagine just place small Alligator Clips onto one of the Side Springs (-) and one onto the Tip of the plug (+) but that seems a bit of a giggly connection should the wire accidentally fall or get bumped and then the clips could just simply pop off, most likely the tip seeing how it's smooth and not much for the Alligator clip to hold onto. I went out and bought another type of "Cigar" plug that has a thinner wire on. 

So now I'm wondering if that thin wire would be strong enough to handle the current for all of the dash electronics. I was told that the Ignition wire is sufficient for powering your dash electronic too.

A lot of these issues mentioned above are things I am trying g to get confirmation on, good solid answers, Yay or Nay, otherwise I'm very apprehensive about hooking my dash wires up to power, it has to be done at some point but I'm trying to get as much information and confirmation of that information as possible before I do so. One other thing I am not sure of is that if you look at my first diagram at the top of this posting you can see how I have the dash electronics wired to each other in a "Daisy Chain" sort of fashion, I have been told this is OK, I just used the wires that were attached onto the dash electronics when they arrived from Italy. I'm wondering if I should change them to a slightly thicker 18 AWG wire or if they are more than fine with the wires they came with...??

Anyways.... So many variable to try and sort through.... it's a no wonder I have not gotten this dash installed over the summer months. Research, research, research takes a lot of time.

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