Sunday, August 31, 2014

Making The Backs Of Switch Pods

With me getting a lot closer to being able to install the dash or at the very least do a few more test fittings as I get things ready I figured that I better get the lead out on working on my Switch Pods. I placed an aluminium support inside the back of the Switch Pods because I had heard that some people had problems accidentally breaking their pods by banging their knees against them whilst getting in and out of the car. So this is just one of those little extra steps that I'm hoping will prevent that from happening by making the pods a lot more stronger by giving them some additional internal support. I have also placed in 4 pieces of aluminum pipe 2 each side to act as wire conduits for the switches. I probably didn't really need to but I figure it's just another way to help keep wires neatly bundled together and help prevent any possibilities of dangling loose wires.

I have also used some more of that plastic I salvaged from an abandoned T.V. set's casing to make back cover plates for the Switch Pods. I will glass over these and eventually cut out an access panel on the back to allow access to the backs of the switches circuit boards. What I'll do is make an aluminum cover plate that can then be screwed onto the back that way there is no danger of accidentally coming into contact with the backs of the circuit boards or and debris to fall back into the pods and cause shorts or damage to the switches circuit boards.

Here you can see a view of the back of the Switch Pods with my plastic covers just resting in place for now until I am ready to glass over them. Once that is done I'll be able to cut out the access holes for each side of the Pods and then make my aluminum access plates. I'll keep you all posted on how that goes once I am at that stage. Next will be to glass my Pods to the Knight Rider 2 TV dash.

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