Sunday, August 31, 2014

Dash Test Fitting

Here are a few views of my first dash fitting with the 2 TV Knight Rider Dash. There is a good deal of work to be done before the dash is fully ready to be installed but at least now I have done the test fit and I know what kind of things need to be done. Mostly small stuff like:

  •  Duct Re-routing
  • Stock Dash Top Trimming
  • Mounting the Switch Pods
  • Working Out Screw Locations
  • Wiring Loom Locations
And much, much more I'm sure. But as mentioned in my last post it gave me an awesome opportunity to have a good look at what kind of space I have to work with inside of the dash. One thing in particular is that without the Gauge Cluster plastic in there it sure opens up the inside of the stock OEM plastic dash a good deal and allows for all kinds of extra space to work in additional wire looms for any additional electronic "DooDads" that might get added in later on down the road.

Here is a shot of inside behind my Knight Rider Dash before I did any trimming of the stock OEM Dash Plastic. As you can see it's already pretty roomy back there. Even after I trimmed about an inch across the top of the drivers side dash plastic when I took a look under there again it looked like I might not have even needed to trim the top of the dash at all. But my initial first test fit looked like I needed to so it got trimmed. Oh well, I guess it makes for an easier fitting later on and we all know that whatever makes the job go smoother in the long run is a definite good thing ;)

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