Thursday, August 28, 2014

Voice Projection Button Installed

I installed K.I.T.T.s Voice Projection button that I bought from Jupiter Electronics eBay shop. I just installed it today after making a mounting plate for it out of some plastic from a TV set's outer casing. The switch is currently not hooked up to anything but I do have tentative plans to wire it up somehow to the marine speakers in the nose that run off of Brenon's LED scanner and supply the "Swoosh-Swoosh" sound that K.I.T.T.'s scanner makes. I figure I should eventually be able to wire up an internal mic to the switch for projecting sound externally through those scanner speakers.... theoretically anyways ;) Perhaps even wire up a sound effects generator through the computer. All of which will need to be figured out how to be done but can be done I am sure. But in any event the button for those functions has a place and is installed.

You can see here (right) how I have used that switch bezel or whatever they call it to mount my plastic plate on for the Voice Projection button and supplied bezel. I had to cut away a small section to accommodate for the back of the V.P. button, I also had to Dremel off a small piece of plastic from the OEM dash to make room for the back of the V.P. button as well. Minor tweaks.

Now I know I have said this before but I REALLY need to bring out my Knight Rider dash and do a test fit to make sure certain things are still going to fit right. Yeah I know I've been kind of procrastinating on doing that but that's because there just always seems to be something else more pressing to do ;) One thing in particular is I want to make sure that the new dash will not obscure my V.P. button or any others I eventually place onto this mounting plate. Tomorrow I will make a couple of aluminum "L" brackets to put across the top of my new dash accessory to give it a little more support as right now it is just attached to that black plastic button bezel across the bottom with a couple of screws.

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