Saturday, April 25, 2015


I have a wiring plan for how I am going to hook up my two monitors for the Knight Rider 2 TV dash. The GPS unit actually gets stepped down from 12V DC to 5V DC with a step-down converter I got off eBay for  few bucks. The LCD monitor for the PC (Computer) takes a 12V DC in but I believe it gets stepped down through the video board. But basically I am going to use my Lower Console buttons to power up the LCD screens. My thought is the green "?" buttons I'll assign to the GPS unit and the red "?" buttons I'll have power up the LCD screen.

The PC LCD screen has an additional small board with 5 mini or micro tactile buttons on it that control the monitor settings. I have not yet put my Multi Meter on those yet to see how they are hooked up but my initial thoughts are to extend the wires and use some of the calculator buttons in my Lower Console to control those buttons. I'll do some testing and see if that is possible.

NOTE: In my diagram above, this is a very conservative way to do this although the monitors fall well below what the lower console switches are rated for so the Relays are not really needed. I have them in place should I ever decide at some future time to use those switches for something else that draws way more mower than the switches are rated for such as Amps or Fog Lights. Anything that draws more power than what switches are rated for you definitely need to use Relays.

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