Sunday, April 5, 2015

Dash Underside Cover Plate

In trying to come up with an idea for making some sort of dash underside cover plate to protect and hide any visible wires I figured I would give this idea a shot.

Basically  so far I have taken a piece of thin Styrofoam 1/4" thickness and taped it into position on the underside of the passenger side of the dash. I then so far have coated it with a generous amount of white glue, once that completely dries I'll mask off any exposed areas of the dash and begin laying on some fibreglass resin and matting. My plan is to see if I can make some sort of under plate that I can screw onto the dash once it is installed into the car. In my head right now it seems like a pretty viable idea, I'll keep you all updated on how the progress of this is going and see if it's a winner or a big fat failure of an idea, but so far it's looking like it should work. ;)

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