Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Few Modifications To My Dash Underside Cover Plate

 I added a bit more of a "Tab" in the area of my cover plate close to where the monitors are located on the dash, reason being that I needed a bit more in that area in order to be able to place a mounting screw into one of the "L" brackets I have installed that the electronics are attached too. For me this is a great place to help secure the dash under side cover plate.

Next step was to cut out an additional aluminum "L" bracket the the tapered end of my underside cover plate to be also secured to the dash with a screw. After cutting the aluminum I drilled in some holes to allow more of the fibreglass and resin to seep in and grip more to the dash. Here on the left image you can see the aluminum "L" bracket glued into place with some Contact Cement.

 On the right you can see the "L" bracket finally glassed into place with fibreglass resin and matting. Once fully set I'll place my cover plate into position and tape it down with some masking tape just to hold it in place while I drill the holes for the mounting screws. Once the holes are drilled I can smooth out the cover plate a little more and then it's basically done. I'll hold off on the priming and additional sanding before painting as I may very well want to add more to the cover plate that fits close to the stock OEM dash. I'll know a lot more about how much and what needs to be done in that area after I get around to doing another test fitting of the dash in the car. It's no doubt going to be a little tricky and finicky work but no much so that making this cover plate to begin with. Just takes a little patience and perseverance. ;)

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