Saturday, April 25, 2015

Painting The S-1 Monitor Frames

I'm finally getting the Season One monitor frames finished off so I'll be able to finalize my installation of both the LCD and GPS screens into my Knight Rider 2 TV dash. Top left is a shot of the monitor frames after they had been primed a few times, sanded and then primed again with the sandable primer. On the inside edges of the frames where I had cut them out much larger to be able to fit my 5" LCD screens I had a few little pot holes to fill in with Bondo yesterday. I had filed and then sanded that all smooth before the priming with the sendable primer. On the right image you can see the final monitors frame after painting and clear coating. I may need to wet sand a few areas but other than that it should be good to go for me to reinstall my monitors.

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