Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Monitor Frames Modifications

Well after struggling with which route I wanted to go with my 2 TV Dash Monitors I finally decided to try and do something with the season one monitor frames I had bought from Knight Scan. I figured seeing how I had them and I had have two monitors, one that can be hooked up to a computer and another that is a GPS System I might as well try and get them to play nice with each other VS the other rather expensive option of getting a new monitors frame and new LCD monitors. I can always do that later, but for now if I want to get this dash in the car before the end of the summer I might as well work with what I have already on hand.

So I have filed out the middles of the monitor frames to make them fit the small 5 inch LCD screens I have. One of my main concerns before was if after making the modification it would still look good and retain much of it's original look. On the sides they are much thinner but this was going to be inevitable if I was to modify them to fit my LCD screens. I think they still look good, so after some additional fine tuning with my files and sand paper it was time to apply the first coat of primer and see how they look. So far so good so I can begin the process of working out a good way to install the LCD screens into the back of the monitor frames. I have a few ideas on how to go about this that I will share as I go along so keep posted ;)

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