Monday, April 27, 2015

Ah Yes It Was a Busy Day!

After much fiddling about yesterday I was able to get the video board for the LCD screen for the PC installed into the Knight Rider dash. It took some fancy playing around with a few different configurations of how I was going to mount the electronics boards onto my Lexan plastic mounting bracket I made but got it done. Then came the wiring, I added a Molex connector to make installing the monitors setup much easier. Because that area of the dash stick out quite a bit I figured I should be OK with a shorter plug as I should be able to reach in under the dash and plug it in.

You can see in my various shots how I have connected up and installed the video board for the PC LCD screen. See how I mounted the little extra board that has the small tactile buttons for controlling the LCD screen settings, those I have added extra wires that I'll run to the Space Matt buttons, bottom row most likely. That way the LCD screen can be adjusted if it ever becomes necessary to do so.

The GPS screen's board I had already installed onto the back piece of Lexan plastic I had cut to fit snugly into the back of the fibreglass monitor frames, so that little board was pretty easy to deal with as it was originally all packed tightly into a plastic enclosure when I got it.

Here you can see the monitors finally installed. Please excuse my mucky finger marks all over the GPS screen, lol need to clean that ;) The two screens look different because the GPS screen is a touch screen whereas the LCD PC screen is not. I may change that, not sure yet. It kind of depends on so many things. ;)

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