Thursday, April 16, 2015

Putting The Space Matt Buttons Back Together

"And They Say There Are No More Miracles Left."

Well it took a lot of mucking about and even some pretty delicate filing with my fine Riflers Files to make the button contacts work nice when each of the buttons are pressed, but I persevered and I was able to get a good contact reading with my Multi Meter once I had filed all of the contacts I had made down nice and flat to match the height of the wire laid into the groove in the white plastic bed. Basically I had poked a 22 AWG wire through tiny holes I drilled into the mounting plastic bed that the Brass or Copper buttons sheet are laid over top of. (I can't tell which my guess is Brass). I had then soldered those wires onto the inlaid wires running through the plastic mounting bed. Fiddly work but I got it done.

Next step was to re attach the thin metal Brass button's sheet onto the white plastic mounting bed where I had made my modifications to the existing contacts so as each one can be assigned separately if needed. I did another Multi Meter test to make sure they were making a good contact when pressed and labeled each button wire with my usual green painters tape method. You can see in the image on the right how I like to identify each of the individual buttons.

I suppose now the next stage will be to pull out the lower console from the car and figure out the best way to install my newly configured Calculator buttons array into the console. Good thing I never fully installed it ;) I'll paint my buttons first though after I do any trimming needed to make them fit into the console. So far looking good though.

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