Monday, April 6, 2015

Glassing The Dash Underside Cover Plate

I had let the thick layer of white glue dry fully over night. Not long after breakfast this morning I cut up some fibreglass matting and mixed up about 4 Ounces of resin and hardener. You can see I marked with a Sharpie Marker a straight line I estimate to be close to the dash. This is the first layer done, I'll give it another layer in about an hour or so. I don't think it needs to be super thick as it's not in a high stress area and serves as just a cover plate to hide and protect any wires hanging in under that area of the dash.

Again so far this idea is looking like it should work. I'll know a lot more once the second layer has been applied. Then I can begin shaping it more, sand it flat and eventually prime and paint. ;)

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