Saturday, March 22, 2014

Front Nose Support Assembly Replacement

I took off the existing front nose support assembly to replace it with the one from the parts car. Although there was nothing wrong with this one it did suffer from the same condition as the rear tail lights compartment area which was just a minor corner cutting on the repaint job as mentioned in my last post. I figured that seeing how I had the one off of the parts car already taken off, all it needed was to be cleaned up, primed and repainted. The one on the car was dirty, and had peeling paint coming off of it so rather than fight with it on the car the other option seemed the best way to go.

As you can see here in this 2nd photo the once from the parts car had been repainted and is looking a lot better than it's counterpart.

Here you can see the newly painted support assembly installed on the car. I also figured at this stage it would be a good idea to do the touch up work on the Knight Rider front nose seeing how it needed to be done and was coming off anyways in order for me to do this little job of parts replacement.

Now onto a little fibreglass work, sanding and priming of the front Knight Rider nose. ;)

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