Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Priming K.I.T.T.'s Front Nose

Finally getting around to priming K.I.T.T.'s front nose now that I have a box fan to ventilate my back room with. Now I'm finally going to be able to paint some of the larger parts like the front nose and Turbo Hood. I had been busy draping the back room in plastic also just so as to not get over spray all over the place as it's a real pain in the backside cleaning up, the stuff gets everywhere.

 I also won't end up gassing myself along with the rest of the house lol ;-)

I want to make sure I get a good high build of sand able primer just so I can make sure I work out any surface flaws. Even though I have given the front nose a good going over with sand paper I still had to add some fibreglass resin and a little omnidirectional matting to fill in a few holes and chips from some of the gel coat that had come off. It was definitely a nose that needed some work, I guess that's normal for "out of the mould" fibreglass products. No biggie, just meant more hands on fun for me to play with.... I love this stuff ;)

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