Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Progress Updates

With the warmer weather slowly approaching I've been taking advantage of as many of the warmest days as possible. it's still too cold to do any priming and painting on the car in the garage and it being out of season still I have had no luck finding a simple box fan that I can use as an exhaust fan for my back work room in the house to rig up a temporary paint booth to paint the hood and other small parts that I should have been able to do over the winter months. It's amazing how something as simple as a box fan can slow up the work. Grrrr...

Anyways Like I say I have been doing as much as I can with what I have. I've found some interesting things on the car like this odd little switch or something on the hatch back, the switch appears to be disconnected and there is a loose wire that I'll need to track down.

Here are a couple of pictures of the weird little switch on the back of the hatchback located on the drivers side near the weather stripping, as you can see it is clearly disconnected, perhaps it was part of hatch open indicator light or alarm or something??

I also need to figure out a good method to re-stick the rear defroster wire back onto the hatchback glass.

After the removal of the rear stock bumper I cleaned up the rear of the car a little more, it still has a good deal of cleanup to be done before I can sand it down and prime and paint it. I did end up needing to take out the plastic wire clips that hold the wires for the rear tail light bulbs. Those plastic clips were pretty brittle and broke trying to get them out so they will need to be replaced with new ones.

The flat hood on the car has been removed. I still need to take off the hood struts or supports as they are in much better shape than the ones that were on the Turbo Hood from the parts car. I can install the struts on the correct hood once the hood is finally painted. All I need is that blasted box fan!!

You can see here the car with the flat hood removed. It's one of those jobs that is best done with a helping hand as the steel hood is pretty heavy and a bit awkward removing by yourself, I did it but it was a bit of a pain in the butt doing it by myself.

You can also see that I still need to fix up the fibreglass front nose, prime and paint it. Also still waiting for the Scanner I ordered from Lectric Enterprises. Once I get that I can install the scanner into K.I.T.T.'s front nose.

I also need to relocate the turn signals into the front nose and add the fog lights.

I also need to still work on the dash electronics, I have most of it done, I just need some PANP switches, count down indicators, and add the speed sensor from Cyberdyn, .... lots of just little things but they add up lol ;)

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  1. I discovered that the little silver toggle switch located under the dash, the disconnected load speaker under the hood, and the little plunger like switch under the rear hatch (also disconnected) was part of an "Alpine" security alarm system that was removed at some point in the cars history but the components were left in place. :)