Monday, March 10, 2014

2 TV Dash Fake Temporary Screens

I came up with a simple solution for my screen holes in my 2 TV dash. I figured rather than leave them just open holes until I get real LCD monitors to fit into those spaces what I would do is make some temporary screens just to fill the space and help give the dash a little more finished look. I will eventually get some small LCD monitors and hook them up to a computer that will control a lot of K.I.T.T.'s functions but for now, just a little something to fill in the space and give the general idea of what the finished dash will look like.

Here is what I did to make my temporary screens. I first made a template or frame out of some scrap Fibreboard I had kicking around. I cut a TV screen sized hole in the middle of both pieces of my Fibreboard to make my template or mould, I then clamped it to both sides of some of that "Lexan" plexiglas I had left over from using over my dash electronic overlays, I had cut two small rectangles big enough to cover each TV screen opening I then heated up the Lexan using a heat gun and when the plastic was soft enough I pushed on it wearing an oven mitt, I then let the plastic cool and un clamped the mould from the formed plastic and there you have it one slightly curved screen face.

I painted the back side of the screen with a light Olive Green paint to try and simulate a TV tube, the colour is not perfect I know, but it will do for it's purpose. 

I'll mount these to the inside of the dash temporarily so as when the time comes I'll just switch them out for real LCD monitors... but hey... I figure it beats an open space for now ;)

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