Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Speedometer Sender Questions

In order to get my new digital speedometer to work for the Knight Rider dash I needed to get a new speed sender unit. The one recommended is made by Cyberdyne, it is an 8901 Speedometer Sender for GM type transmissions. Pictured here in this first picture is the current end of the speedo cable that goes from the back of the gage cluster into the cruise control unit under the hood. Seen here is the end that goes into the cruise control.

Seen here in the 2nd picture is the connector for the Cyberdyne 8901 Speedometer sender. Now what I am trying to find an answer to is if I can just plug the new Cyberdyne unit into my cruise control where the current cable went or if I have to bypass the cruise control and go into the transmission. The ends look to be slightly configured different but look like they should still match up, although the length of the core or spinning wire looks longer on my original one, now I'm not sure if this makes any kind of significant difference or not??

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