Monday, March 3, 2014

More 2 TV Dash Work

I've gotten most of the electronics mounted to the inside of the 2 TV dash, not wired together or nothing like that, just been working on getting them all mounted securely to the underside of the dash. As I had mentioned in my previous postings I had to get a little creative due to my initial screwup. No biggie, if anything it will serve as a good example of what NOT to do lol.

I made some additional aluminum bracket to secure the tops of the dummy row overlays and plexiglass into place, reason being is that the holes for mounting on the electronics boards did not match up very well with the holes in the overlays which meant that my screws were going to end up going in at an angle and I did NOT want to run the risk of putting any undue stress on the electronics boards mounting holes by having the screws put in on such an angle like that, so I came up with the solution of mounting the overlays and plexiglass with these little "n" shaped brackets and then later adding a sort of stretched out "Z" shaped bracket to secure the tops of the electronics boards and push them up close to the overlays and plexiglass and also add the elongated "U" shaped brackets for the bottom or I should say tops as we are working with the dash upside down in order to place in all of the electronics naturally ;)

I find that my solution seems to be working very well in making sure all of the electronics boards are secured very well to the fibreglass dash. 

Here is a view of my 2 TV dash flipped over the right way with most of the electronics installed. I still need to install the voice box but I'm going to wait until I order the voice box bezel just so I make sure that my hole will be cut the correct size.

Next up a little sanding on the top to take care of some surface scratches and flaws that need to be fixed up before priming and painting.

 Some minor surface scratches before I did a little sanding and priming with a sand able primer.

After some sanding and priming. Overall the dash seems to be coming along nicely. Can't wait to get it into the car and see how it fits. I need to figure out how to test the electronics in the dash first, I've seen some videos on YouTube with people testing out their dash before putting it into their car. I'm not sure if any special equipment is needed for that or if you just simply hook up the power from the battery and that's it?? Until I know for sure I'm in no rush, but it would be sure cool to get a good preview of how this will all look when it's up and running, maybe even make my own video to put on YouTube ;)

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