Wednesday, February 26, 2014

More Work on the 2 TV Dash Electronics Installation

Continuing on with my installation of the electronics for the Knight Rider 2 TV Dash. As I had mention in my last post on my dash progress I had some extra work to do because I failed to leave enough room between the aluminum "L" brackets and the dash console openings. When I started this project I was not sure if I was going to use the Lexan Plexiglass overtop of the overlays or not so I ended up being a little too snug in some areas for where the sandwich of electronics boards, overlays and then my Lexan Plexiglass so I had to get a little creative with a work around.

I had to do a little creative cutting and filling of my existing aluminum brackets in order to modify them to work with my screwup lol

You can see on the right once of the modifications I had to make by cutting out the centre section of the bracket and then adding a new piece onto the end that would overlap and make up that little difference in size adjustment, I also had to do a fail amount of sanding on the face part of the dash openings in those trouble areas as well.

I also had to do a bit of creative modification on the bracket for the Speedometer and Fuel Display electronics sandwich as well as you can see here on the right. It's a nice good fit now. I created a custom pice of aluminium strapping and even though there is plenty of space between the aluminum and mounting I wrapped it with some electrical tape just to be doubly sure that the aluminum will not come into contact with any of the connections on the back of the electronics board.

I went a step further and modified my screw holes a little wider to allow for some play with adjustments. Thank goodness for Rifler's Files as they were perfect for getting into the tiny screw holes and elongating them. With the screw holes adjusted a bit more it made for positioning the electronics sandwiches a little easier.

Overall so far the dash is coming along nicely despite my screwup and "Make Work For Myself" scenario lol With the Lexan plexiglass overtop of the overlays it's looking like it 's really going to give the dash a more polished look as my sweetheart Donna said to me early today when she popped into the back room to see how I was coming along with K.I.T.T.'s dash.

There area some areas I'm going to see if I can tweak up a little better, these dummy rows for instance are giving me a few issues with fitment a little. As you can see the mounting screws are visible along the top part of the dash, granted I can just paint them black and they would be hardly noticeable but perhaps they can be tweaked a little more?? not sure how though as there is only so much space available with the alignment of the mounting holes on the overlays, electronics boards and my Lexan Plexiglass, so I might be just stuck with it as is... I'll see what I can come up with to cure the problem. It's not a big deal but I can be a little picky with little details so I know it will bug me if I don't fix it ;)

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