Saturday, February 15, 2014

Modifying the Front Nose Support Assembly

Step 1: Cut these ends off neatly with a hacksaw.

Step 2: Make up a steel or aluminum "Re Attachment Bracket." Bend it slightly on one end as shown to match as best you can the angle of the end pieces you cut off of the front nose support assembly.
Step 3: Drill holes and re attach using small bolts. This will make fitting the end pieced in behind the rigid fibreglass Knight Rider nose much easier as you can fit them in first and then be able to bolt them back onto the front nose support assembly.

Step 4: Depending on how much space you have where your scanner is to be mounted you may need to remove this centre piece of the support assembly.

Step 5: If you do find that you have to remove the centre piece of the support assembly you can re screw it back onto the centre support structure using the remaining screws, you can drill an additional hole and place an extra bolt on each side but it's not critical as once all the pieces are attached you should have plenty of support at the ends of the front nose support assembly and have a nice clear location for your scanner.
File off any sharp edges from where you cut off the centre part of the support assembly. Keep in mind that you will need to clean up, prime and re paint your modified parts to help prevent rust.

This option should enable me to keep the front nose support assembly for it's intended purpose which was to offer greater support for the front nose and serve as a place to put the turn signals. Mine are being re located to below next to the Fog lights but I still want to give my front nose all the additional support I can so to me this option makes sense. ;)

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