Friday, February 21, 2014

Installing Some Knight Rider Dash Electronics

Taking a little break still from mounting the front nose onto the car. I have to drivers side fitting super choice, but the passenger side I'm having some fitment issues still, I'll figure it out but in the meantime I figured with the colder weather hitting us again that I would work on installing some Knight Rider dash electronics.

After I fibreglassed into place my aluminum "L" brackets I've begun drilling my holes for the placement of the overlays and electronics boards. I've ton with a version of using some plexiglass, in this case a "Lexan" plastic to give a window overtop of my dash electronics. On my  Knight Rider the dash electronics will be inset a little behind the clear plexiglass.

I have given some space between the electronics boards and overlays using some small rubber washers. Figuring out the best way to do this has proven to be a bit of a challenge and hopefully it will look nice once I'm all done aligning everything up properly. Because of the unique shape of this dash it's not an easy task figuring out the best ways to get everything to fit right. I'm surprised that there is not a lot more information out there on what I would call S.O.P. (Standard Operating Procedures) on how to do this. Like I mentioned before in my last post, a lot of people seem to use wood blocks, but I've mentioned my concerns and miss givings about using wood.... ahhh yes I've had my experiences with wood as a prop builder... to stories I could tell. But we won't go there lol

As you can see my dash electronics and overlays will be inset back into the dash a little giving it a different look, but after seeing another version online with a fellow that used plexiglass I REALLY liked the clean look it gave so I decided to go with something similar. The stuff that says "Lexan" is a protective film on both sides that will be removed once I have everything in place and I'm done painting my dash.

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