Saturday, February 8, 2014

Re Painting Turbo Hood Screws

Repainting the screws for the parts taken of of the Turbo Hood. I soaked them in rust removing gel and gave them all a good going over with a small wire brush to remove and loose dirt and rust, they were actually in surprisingly good shape considering. I then rinsed them off with dish soap and hot water, rinsed them off again with just hot water then dried them thoroughly and then primed them with red oxide primer before giving them a coat of black lacquer paint. 

Once the hood is finished with all the painting I'll reassemble the hinges, hood latch and Air Vent Ornament with the newly painted screws and nuts. I was originally just going to just prime the nuts and bolts and just assemble and then paint but after thinking about it for a while I figured it would be better to just do all of the bots and hood parts separately, makes for a much neater job I figure. ;)

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