Tuesday, February 25, 2014

K.I.T.T.'s Shiny Chrome Name Letters

K.I.T.T.'s shiny chrome name letters arrived today that I ordered from Emblem Art. These will get placed on the side of the car roughly in that area that the old "Trans Am" lettering was placed one he is all painted. ;-)


  1. So he'll be the Knight Industries Two-Thousand Two-Thousand? XD kidding, neat idea though I think I would be more tempted to put KNIGHT or KNIGHT2000 there instead. Still it's coming along nicely.

    1. lol yeah I know... I bought the letters not really knowing how I wanted to arrange them: K.I. 2000 or K.I.T.T. I'll probably go with the 2nd (K.I.T.T.) ;)