Monday, January 6, 2014

More Turbo Hood Prep. Work

I was hoping to not have to remove this part while doing my prep work for re painting but as I was sanding down some areas on the top of the Turbo Hood I noticed some paint chips along the seem line where this part is attached so I figured Oh hell, I might as well just take that off as it will make sanding along the seem line where the paint is chipped a whole heck of a lot easier. So I took the nuts off and popped out the part to place it aside and sand and paint it separately.

Here you can see from the underside of the hood where this piece was removed, excuse my dusty finger marks on the underside of the hood lol. 

I have the underside of the hood pretty much cleaned up and I'm just in the process of making sure I locate any rust areas or areas that look like they may be starting to develop the early signs of rust, sand and prime all of those areas. But right now I still have a fair amount of cleaning to do. Overall mostly just some surface grime.

I will most likely need to re do the gasket or seal around the edge of the part I took off of the hood. Now I'm note sure if those gaskets are easy to come by or if I should just use that liquid "Create a Gasket" stuff I've seen available?? Or option "B" I get some thin rubber sheet and cut out my own gasket?? Either way, easy enough for me to do.

As you can see here I've sanded a lot more of the top of the hood. It looks shiny here because I had just washed all of the paint dust off from my sanding job and I wanted to inspect the hood again to catch any more scratches and paint chips that still need to be sanded.

Once done I'll give the whole hood a good scuffing over with the scuff pad and clean it thoroughly before priming it.

So far it's coming along and it won't be too long before K.I.T.T. has the correct hood installed. :)

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