Thursday, January 9, 2014

Knight Rider Dash Arrived Today

I'm very stoked that my 2 T.V. Knight Rider Dash arrived by Fed Ex today all the way from Italy. I ordered on December 11th from Knight Rider World on eBay. You may recall that I chose this dash over many of the others available  because this one has the extra side and centre panels for a much better dash placement. I was very impressed when I saw this version available from Italy, it cost a little bit more but for me it made sense to spend that little extra seeing how I saved so much on the other parts such as

 the gullwing steering yoke, upper and lower consoles that I also got from eBay from Knight Scan

Now I need to find some instructional videos on what type of rotary tool is needed to make the cut outs for installation of the electronics and installation of the dash onto the current one in the 1982 Trans Am Firebird.

If anyone knows of any good ones I would sure appreciate the pointing in the right direction ;)

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