Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Tire Changer

I picked up a tire changer from Princess Auto for around $85.00 I figured seeing how most places charge about $11.00 to remove a tire per wheel and that I have to
1 - Remove the tires from the aluminum Turbocast rims so I can clean those up for K.I.T.T.
2 - Remove the tires from the Trans Am thats being converted into K.I.T.T.
3 - Put the tires onto the cleaned up Turbocast Rims and then put the wheels back on.
At a grand total of $132.00 approximately before taxes I was well better off to buy the tire changer, learn how to use it and already it will have paid for itself. Plus I figure it's not like I'm not most likely to need to do it again at some point ;-)

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