Monday, May 11, 2015

Upper Console Wiring Scheme Updated Version

I have updated my wiring scheme for the Season One Upper Console electronics. Basically what I have happening here is my coloured set of four lighted mini-rockers (they go in order of Red, Blue, Red, Blue), the first two rockers are wired to my four Fog Lights through the SPST Relays I have installed under the stock OEM plastic dash. The third switch I will wire up to activate the Upper Consoles LED Displays, and the forth rocker I will have wired to activate the Count Up digital display. I figure this will make for a pretty good trip timer display.

I tested out my Fog Lights wiring yesterday afternoon just to make sure everything was working OK, all good, they work like a dream when the first two rockers are switched on, Red & Blue, the Fog Lights come on and the switch light comes on just as they should. There are other lighted coloured rocker switches that go up into that console that I have not ordered yet and I'm not sure what to do with those so they will be pretty much open to anything much like my buttons on my Lower Console although on my L.C. I do assign the Red and Green "?" buttons to my LCD and GPS screens in my Knight Rider dash. By using this wiring scheme I can effectively turn on my Upper Console electronics with just a couple of rocker switches installed into the console.

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