Friday, May 15, 2015

Lexan Dash Relays Area Cover Plate

I made a Lexan plastic cover plate to be mounted onto the stock OEM dash around my relays area. This will help tuck in the wires and help shield them. I still need to paint this so it's in for just a test fitting for now while I figured out where to mount my aluminum "L" brackets and where best to secure it in with screws. I have small rectangular holes cut and filed out of the Lexan plastic cover plate to allow access to the heating, air conditioning buttons and the rear hatch popper. I think a lot of people who built these knight Rider replicas relocate those switches to somewhere more convenient. I may very well do the same thing, but for now this is a good way I figure to secure in some wires and help kind of panel off the underside of the Knight Rider dash a fair bit. This way it might make adding other goodies into those areas easier as they will have something more to be able to be mounted too. Just a thought anyways.

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