Monday, May 4, 2015

Adding Some Speaker Grill Cover Plates

Yesterday I cut out the stock OEM speaker grill I salvaged from the red parts car. I cut them so as they fit into the recessed areas of the Knight Rider Dash for the speaker holes. At first they looked a little odd to me because the actual rectangular hole in the grills is on a bit of an angle which was throwing me off for a while. But that's just the way they were made. Even the speakers in the stock OEM dash under the dash pad are set at the same odd angle.

I then made a cardboard template (left) for each side of the dash, one for each cover plate I would make. Here you can see how the speaker matches the odd angle of the elongated octagonal hole I'm making. I made the hole octagonal to kind of go with the same theme that my season one monitor frames have. The next step was to cut my cover plates out of some Lexan plastic I had on hand. I would then need to file and sand them so as they fit nicely over the stock OEM speaker grills that will be set into the recessed area of the dash. The one of the drivers side is cut different to accommodate the Countdown Indicators channel.

Once both of my cover plates were made I gave them a good sanding to scuff up the surface a little so they will be ready for painting. First though I marked where I would drill my holes so as I can bolt them onto the dash when they are ready. Here you can see the cover plates (left) I have them resting on top of the car before I drilled the holes. A little more sanding first though and then they should be good to go. Finally the painting (right). Once this side is dry I'll flip them and do the other side. By tomorrow they should be OK to install into the dash.

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