Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Installing My Custom Speaker Grill Cover Plates

This morning I installed my custom speaker grill cover plates I had made out of some Lexan plastic I had on hand. I let the paint dry over night and gave them a bit of a wet sanding in the morning, cleaned them up and painted them again. Now they are installed into my Knight Rider 2 TV Dash. They may not be as perfect as if they were store bought but not bad at all for hand crafted, I'm happy with them. Now comes the age old question "To paint the screw heads or not paint the screw heads?"

On one hand I kind of like that little bit of silver but I also would not mind if they blended in too. Decisions, decisions. lol Anyways I'm happy that little job turned out.

On another note though it turns out that my dummy row closes to the monitors has a bad board, maybe a chip so Knight Rider World is going to replace the board for me. I'm surprised I never noticed before but after reviewing my very fist start up test of the dash it had always been like that so I know it's not something that just kind of happened. Just as well I have the dash out to put my custom speaker grill cover plates in and to do a little trimming on the drivers side of the dash mounting wing. Might as well pull that bad board and ship it back to K.R.W.

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