Saturday, November 22, 2014

Test Fitting The Lower Console With The New Mounting Tabs

After I had finished fabricating the mounting tab on the drivers side of the lower console I took it out to the car to do another test fit to make sure that the two mounting tabs were going to work well together. I figured they would but sometimes you never know with this stuff until you do a test fit, there could have been some adjustments that still might have needed to be made. Fortunately it fits great.

I think the mock panel on the top of the stock OEM console make need to be cut out, I say "Mock Panel" because I don't think it is a real panel held in with screws, just made to look like it does. Firebirds seem to have a few "Mock Screws" in them. I'll examine it in closer detail before I go and drill my side mounting holes into the stock OEM centre consoles sides.

In the mean time I can begin the long process of adding layers of primer to my modified lower console this way I can see better where there are any surface flaws that need to be sanded and filled. Once i have it all primed and smoothed out I can begin to look into working out how my switches are going to get mounted onto my lower console. I have a non functioning set of space mapping buttons that I had bought very early on in my Knight Rider Conversions Project but over time I have become dissatisfied with them given that there are plenty of working versions of the same type of buttons available, and on a personal note I want to make as many functioning aspects of my K.I.T.T. as I possibly can.

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