Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lower Console Modifications - Creating The Other Mounting Tab

I took the console out to the car for another test fit to see how it was looking with the new mounting tab I had fabricated, it looks good. My new mounting tab fits over the stock OEM console just beside the eBrake handle. I then needed to have a look at how it was fitting on the drivers side so I could see how I may go about making a mounting tab for that side also. I took a reference photo of the console so I could get a better idea of what I may need to do in order to make the tab.

I took the console back inside to my work shop to start fabricating the mounting tab. Once it was all glassed and then sanded flat and cut to shape I now have a method of mounting my console other than driving screws in through the top part of the console, which I may end up doing anyways depending on how secure it is with the side tabs. Tomorrow I will take it out for a final test fitting just to make sure there are no further adjustments to make. If it fits good I can go to a finer sand paper and smooth out any imperfections before applying some sandable primer.

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