Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Power Distribution Block

I picked up a Bussmann Ganged Fuse Panel with 12 Positions for all the extra gadgets that are being added into my K.I.T.T. I figured this extra Power Distribution Block will be good inside of the car on the passenger side under the dash, preferably somewhere convenient to get to unlike the "Convenience Centre" on the drivers side lol. I've never hooked up one of these before so I'm looking into what gauge wire is best to use for this type of thing, the fatter the better is my guess. I think it also needs and in line fuse close to the battery as well just to protect the panel, not sure though as I say I've never done this before so I'm trying to find some good information on the best and proper way to install this panel into the car, gotta be safe with power so information is a good thing. ;)

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