Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Getting The Annunciator Loudspeaker Ready To Install

I have all of my wires attached to the Annunciator Loudspeaker to make it ready to install into the front nose of my K.I.T.T. I soldered on the wires, taped them and applied Heat shrink tubing to help keep out the elements. All I need to do is drill some holes for the bolts into the front nose support plate. I think some people call it a "Slam Plate" ?? Not sure why. Once I have it bolted on I can run the wires in through the Firewall. I think what I will do is see if I can run the wires for the Annunciator Sound Board in through the same rubber grommet that the Speed Sensor cable runs through for the Cyberdyne unit. I'll run the Red Power wire down the battery side of the car and see if I can run it through that hole the old Antenna wire used just behind the passenger side Air Extractor vent, it getting a little crowded that hole but I'll see if I can safely fit one more wire through there. Then I can run that Power wire to the Red wire from my Voice Projection Unit Button. The Ground Wire on the Loudspeaker will just get bolted to the Chassis somewhere.

I'm still waiting for my 100 Amp In-line Fused Breaker Switch but I'll bet considering that I have ONLY the one 100W Annunciator Loudspeaker hooked up to my 2nd Fuse Panel that I could just for now and just for testing hook up one of the Inline AGU 40 Amp Fuse Holder and run that with My Fuse Panel to the Battery, just for testing until the 100 Amp one comes.

I've heard that these 40 Amp AGU In-line Fuses can run a little hot and fail so I'm somewhat wary about that news. My initial investigations did not uncover anything like that so I'll need to clearly do some more investigation into these AGU Fuses and Holders and make sure they are safe to use. If anyone has had experience with these your comments would be most welcome below.

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