Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Lower Console Modifications Continued

I have most of the glassing done on my lower console modifications to make it so as I can make use of the eBrake. I still have a few pot holes to fill and some rough spots to sand out and smooth but it's getting close to completion. I still need to take it out to the car to do another test fit before I can make the mounting tab or wing for the drivers side of the console so I will be able to mount my console onto the stock OEM console, with the mounting wings I'll be able to secure it down to the OEM console a little differently that what most others do.

Over all it coming along a lot faster than I thought it would be given that it's such an odd shaped part. At this rate I will be priming it soon and then looking at installing the buttons into the console. I have had those kicking about for a few months just twitching to install them but with so many other little projects needing to be done first they have been kind of on the "Back Burner." but it looks like we will soon be able to get both the console and buttons installed. :)

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