Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Gullwing Installed

It took a little while to figure out all the correct parts I needed but we eventually got there. I already had the Grant Steering wheel adapter from way back in early December 2013 when I ordered K.I.T.T.s front nose, later on some months after I completed the work on painting the Gullwing I got around to ordering the Quick Release Hub Adapter but found I still needed to mount this somehow onto the Grant Adapter. I later found a short spacer or adapter by Forever Sharp, this I was able to mount onto the Grant Adapter and then bolt on my Quick Release Hub Adapter.

Now my only concern about the steering wheel is distance from the dash. What I mean is that when I eventually want to put in my dash and switch pods if there will be enough or too much room. If it's only a little distance I can manipulate the dash and pods with a little either cutting or glass work.... but we are not there yet to worry about it.

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