Thursday, July 24, 2014

Headlight Bezels Trimming

Now with the front nose and Fog Lights finally worked out I can trim those Headlight Bezels so they fit the Knight Rider front nose. I trimmed off a lot more than I thought I was going to need to. There were no videos or web pages I found anywhere that showed how to do this otherwise this would have been a good project to have done over the winter months just to have them ready for when the front end was nearing completion. Oh well we eventually got to it in time.

On one of the bezels I used my Dremel and on the other one I used a hack saw. In truth I think the hack saw was a bit faster as my cutting wheel on my Dremel kept getting stuck when the plastic began to melt... lol the joys of cutting plastic, I remember it well. lol In any event either method works. I did use my Dremel with the sanding drums to grind off the remaining plastic. I made sure I left a little room to sand off extra as I would rather have a little extra sanding to do that have to replace one of my headlight bezels, I'm willing to bet these are getting scarce so no point in wasting them by being too hasty.

I test fit the trimmed bezel by manually lowering the headlight assembly to make sure it would clear the front nose with lots of room. Once I was satisfied they were a good fit it was time to pop them back off and sand down where I had trimmed them with some sand paper, gradually sanding them smooth and then moving on to finer grade of sand papers and eventually wet sanding. Once done it was time to put the headlight bulbs back in. the bezels could probably use a little more sanding but I'll tweak that up later on when I feel like playing around with them a little more. For now they are good enough to fit things together so I have a much, much better idea of how things are shaping up with my front end of my Knight Rider project.

I need to sand and repaint the headlight assemblies cover plates as you can see they have chipped off paint along the edges. Another little job to get to later on, wont take too long as they are small items easily dealt with. What I REALLY need to do now is get that hood on the car to see how we are shaping up.

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