Monday, July 7, 2014

Scanner Speakers Mounted

I have my Marine speakers that I got from eBay mounted into my custom enclosure made from some PVC drainage pipe. I have the enclosure mounted to under the front nose support plate under where the scanner is mounted. You can see here how I have made some metal straps and brackets using some stock Aluminum that I picked up from Canadian Tire, most hardware shops carry the same selection of metal for various metal work projects.

I used some long 1" wide pieces to uses as metal straps to wrap around the outside of the PVC pipe, I bent an "L" shape onto the ends where the ends of the strap meet up around the middle of the pipe, bolted them together being sure to leave enough on one end to bend another "L" shape to form a tab to be able to bolt onto the underside of the impact bar.

I joined the two straps together with another short piece of the 1" wide Aluminum to help keep them secured into position on the pipe. I took a piece of "U" channel Aluminum and cut a small slit in it to fit nicely onto the support arm of the front nose support plate. I drilled a hole through the one end that attaches to the metal strap on the PVC pipe and attached that with a machine screw.

The PVC pipe is pretty tough so I'm not sure if I will need to or not but I have tentative plans to make some kind of deflector plate that I can mount over top of my speaker assembly just to protect it from stones and other road debris that could get kicked up into the front of the car. If you think that is a potentially good idea let me know and I'll make one and show how I did it and what I come up with.

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