Friday, July 4, 2014

Fog Lights Need Checking

I have a suspicion that my impact absorption bar is not grounded?
My fog lights rocker switches in my upper console are lighted but the fog lights do not turn on. I'm going to do an experiment by lengthening the ground wires and running them to the (-) Negative of the battery terminal and see if that is the issue.
The other thing I am going to want to do is wire it in such a way that the switches are not lighted all the time as that will drain the battery pretty quick with them on all the time.... maybe a batter kill switch? As it is right now I just disconnect the (-) Negative terminal until I sort that out.

On the plus side I have my Marine speakers all mounted into my PVC elbow enclosure. I picked up a 4 way connector in the trailer section of Canadian Tire so that way I can just plug in my speaker unit when I install it under the front nose support plate. I have the scanner hooked up and tested it yesterday and it's working perfectly. A big thanks to Brenon from Lectric Enterprises for doing an AWESOME job on that for me. I'll post a video soon. Right now I'm using my sweetheart's Surface as my Galaxy Note II is in the shop getting the glass fixed since I dropped it in the garage a few weeks ago. Doh! 

Yesterday I found $4.55 under the seats of the parts car, lol the seats are PMD seats and look to be in awesome condition. They had seat coverings installed on them. My guess is is that they were installed when the car was still fairly new judging by the condition of those seats. What a gold mine that parts car has turned out to be. I paid only $500.00 for it and the Turbo Hood is worth over $1,000.00 and the PMD seats  sometimes go for as high as $2,000.00! Sweet!!

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