Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Turbo Hood Waiting

I took the precaution of wrapping up my edged and top with bubble wrap, foam padding and cardboard because the route to the garage is a little precarious and anything can happen between my back room and there. ;)

All I need now is someone to help carry it out and gel me hold it steady while I bolt it onto the car. With a little help it's a 10 minute job at best. I've been waiting out our crappy weather for a nice day to do this little job too.

On another note, my Marine speakers should be arriving today so I'll be able to hook those up to Brenon's LED scanner box after I place them into my custom enclosure that I'm making using some PVC plumbing pipe. That should be fun. Once that's done I should be able to re-hook up my batter and test out the electronics that I have installed into K.I.T.T. so far.... keeping my fingers crossed that I don't turn out to have any dodgy wiring on my hands... :/ I have tried to be a careful as possible and have checking things numerous times to make sure I have done a good job.... but even still, being new to this I can't help but be a little apprehensive about it :/

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