Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Painting Drivers Side Powered Mirror Assembly

I started painting the new driver's side powered mirror I got yesterday from eBay. It had some paint chipped off that left tinny divots that went right down to the metal surface. I used some 180 grit sandpaper and the scuff pad to fix that up and get the surface all smooth and even for the sand able black primer.

Once the primer was dry I sanded out some more rough areas that are always easier to see once you get that first coat of primer applied. Gave it some more sand able primer to see if there were any more trouble spots. I think I went through this process about 4 times before I was satisfied that it was ready for it's first coat of paint. Because this is such and odd shaped part I had some issues with the paint running a little so once it was dry I had to use the tried and trusted scuff pad to even out where that paint had run and then clean my surface again before applying more paint, this time in lighter coats.

With the painting on the power mirror done all that needs doing now is the clear coating. Hopefully I won't have issues with the clear coat running because that's a lot more tougher to fix, should be OK though.

I like a lot of these simple jobs I can do inside the house as it's WAY too cold out in the garage to be able to do any kind of painting or paint preparation work which is a bit of a shame because I'm just twitching to get into some of that. But while the weather outside is frightful I can do a lot of work prepping K.I.T.T.'s parts and having them ready for when the nicer weather does get here. ;) C'mon summer :)

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