Thursday, December 19, 2013

Painting Hubcaps

I started priming the odd one out Bowling Ball hubcap. I can see a lot better after applying the first coat of sandable primer where I have a few areas that need some additional sanding. A little more work and this one will be ready for paint.

After another going over with the scuff pad and then re priming you can see all of the minor surface scratches have been eliminated. The only area of difficulty is the centre indentation where the logo used to be, it's kind of tricky getting the scuff pad into the trouble area without effecting the surrounding areas too much, but it's getting closer to the painting stage.

I put the first coat of paint on the odd one out hub cap and now it looks better that the other 4, not to worry, they will get the same treatment and be looking just as good. With this first coat of paint I can see I will need to wet fine sand paper a few small areas before giving it perhaps a few more coats of paint.

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