Wednesday, December 4, 2013

K.I.T.T. base car has arrived!!

My 1982 Trans Am has FINALLY come home and he is a real beauty!! This car was never driven in winter, was never left outside, the previous owners REALLY looked after this baby!! He's in beautiful condition for a 1982 model. No rust on it at all, and even though it was never left outside it's been undercoated at least 3 or 4 times!! Not sure what the engine type is but when they drove it into my garage I could sure hear it purring like a kitten so the engine has also been well looked after. New battery was installed, fully saftied (which it passed with flying colours) I could not have asked or even hoped for a better car for a Knight Rider transformation project.

This is the first time I've ever owned a car and I know next to nothing about auto mechanics or body work so this is going to very much be a learning experience for me and many new skills will need to be learned as well as a lot of research into all of the various "How To's" Fortunately I'm an artist both traditional and digital with a keen eye for detail and good hands, I've worked on props and miniatures, sculpting, and painting so I have good skills in those areas, I'm pretty mechanically inclined so this is going to be very much like a much bigger art project for me. This car IS a work of art. I'm so stoked to finally be able to work on creating my very own K.I.T.T.

Today he's going to get a good cleaning as you can see he's a little dusty but beautiful non the less :) Parts wise so far I've ordered the Bowling Ball Hubcaps, I got a pretty good deal on a set of 5 that look to be in pretty good condition.

On this blog I will keep up to date on my K.I.T.T. conversion's progress and provide links to where I have purchased custom parts for my Knight Rider. I hope you will wish me luck as for me this is a life long dream that is FINALLY coming true :)

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