Friday, December 6, 2013

Front Nose Ordered

I ordered the front nose from Knight Rider Shop.Com probably one of the most prominent features of the Knight Industries 2000 is K.I.T.T.'s front bumper with Cylon-like scanner. I ordered the Out of the mold version as I want to do as much of this project myself as I feel I am capable of. Jacob Knight's web site came highly recommended and certainly seems to have authentic parts for all different version of the Knight Rider car from all seasons of the show's duration. His parts come with instructions for installation which is an added bonus for a newbie to auto body work such as myself. I'm looking forward to this project very much. It's going to be a lot of hard but rewarding work.


  1. Jacob from Knight Rider Shop online has informed me my front nose is done and will be shipped after Christmas... So can't wait!!

  2. Yep I will be shipping it very Soon!