Monday, June 22, 2015

Upper Console DPDT Rocker Switches

I got my DPDT Rocker switches from Knight Rider World a few days ago. Took a little while to find a spec. sheet but with dome help from some of the Facebook Knight Rider community I was able to download one on line. After doing some testing with my Multimeter it seems like the lights in the switch are independent of the switch wiring which is consistent with the spec. sheet details. It also looks like the switch can operate four different devices, two should be more than good enough for anything I can think of using them for so I have come up with a wiring scheme to allow me to activate two different devices, one on at any given time per DPDT Rocker switch. In my wiring scheme I have it so as the switch bulbs will only be lighted when either device is turned on, Red for one device and green for another, middle position is off for both devices.

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