Friday, June 26, 2015

Mini Relays Board For Space Matt Buttons Part 2

I id some more work on my mini relays board for my Space Matt buttons. Thanks to Andrea Lannaccone one of the very electronics savvy Knight Rider people on Face Book who put me hip to using Diodes in my circuit design I can now get away with using half the relays I figured I would be for my Space Matt buttons. He was kind enough to update my original diagram I had made that showed how I was going to use a series of isolated relays to generate the needed ground pulse for the Voice box's DTMF tone generator, and although it would have worked it would have been a lot of relays, thankfully very small mini Songo relays but lots of them. But now thanks to Andrea I can get away with half of what I would have ended up using. He had another method that involved using what is called an "Optocoupler" but it is currently beyond my level of understanding electronics wise so for now I need to stick with what I can understand. Update later as my knowledge base increases, lol well that's the plan anyways. As long as it's safe and wired right I'm happy.

Here is a copy of the newly updated wiring scheme that Andrea was kind enough to do for me. I have done some simple test with my relays board with some Diodes soldered onto the board and it seems like it should work as the Diodes only allow electrical current to flow in one direction so it should work. When I get around to doing a test in the car I'll do a demo video and we'll see how that works. ;)

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