Tuesday, June 23, 2015

12V Mini PCB Relays Arrive

FINALLY! The mini Songo 12V PCB Relays arrived!! There was a slight shipment issue according to the eBay seller so I waited a much longer time for delivery but luckily the first batch of 10 have arrived so now I can begin work on my Relay board for my Lower Console makeshift Space Matt buttons I had made out of the old calculator. You may remember from an earlier post. I basically want the Space Matt buttons to activate the DTMF tones generated by the Knight Rider World Voice Box. Now given the configuration of how my Space Matt buttons are wired and that I am NOT an electronics expert by ANY means this was the best and easiest solution I could come up with. Now these Songo Relays are very tiny and will more than do the job needed by my Space Matt buttons to activate one Relay for the DTMF tone for each button and also another Relay for any given function I choose.

Now like I say I had worked out a diagram that should do the job needed for my Space Matt buttons. As you can see here the DTMF tone request pulse is isolated from the button device function activation pulse. Someone more electronics savvy may have another option but this was what I came up with given my limited electronics knowledge and the way my Space Matt buttons were configured. The Songo relays are very small so I can get a lot of them into a small space by soldering them onto some Proto Board and wiring them in accordance to my diagram.

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