Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Marine Speakers Enclosure W.I.P.

This is a work in progress of my enclosure for my 100 W Marine speakers that I'm planning to use with Brenon's LED scanner for the sound effects. So far I have just drilled a hole in the back of the PVC pipe and thread through 3 18 gauge wires for the speakers. I believe they are a mono setup but just in case I have a 3rd wire I can use for either a right or left channel. Once the speakers arrive I can.... or I should say, I should be able to mount them onto the ends of the pipe after wiring them up. If all goes well I'll work out a mounting bracket and mount this assembly under the front nose support plate.

My other thought is that this speaker arrangement could work very well for K.I.T.T.'s "Voice Projection" unit... just a thought depending on how they work out. Once the speakers are mounted my plan is to re hook up the battery and test out all of my wiring.... I'm hoping I have everything wired up correctly.... maybe I should have a water hose close by just in case lol ;)

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