Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Air cleaner Sensor Hookup Issues

I have been having some troubles lately trying to find out what order the hoses get attached to the air cleaner sensor. Both my Haynes and Pontiac Service manual simply say to just replace it in the same order as the previous one.... well I never took that into account when I took it off... I mean I kinda did as in I had that 30 second thought of;

"Maybe I should take a picture of this before I take all of the hoses off?"

But then thought;

"Naw... there should be plenty of info on how these things are hooked up properly."

lol Silly me to actually think that I guess huh? Anyways, I still need the 10" "O" ring seal and I also discovered that the post that the large locking nut goes onto that holds the Air Cleaner assembly on is a tiny bit short for this nice shiny Air Cleaner.... so I'm not sure if there are longer ones available out there or not??

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